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February 18, 2013
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Codes : 
 (h/c) : Hair color
 (e/c) : Eye color
 (s/c) : Skin color
 (Name) : Your first name (duh) 
 (h/t) : Hair type.


He was crazy. Yes, that's what he was. He would appear out of nowhere in your bedroom at night, stroking your hair in a gentle fashion. Sometimes, he'd awaken you
by grabbing a fistful of your (h/c), (h/t) hair, demanding you to do what he wanted. Though , that was only on the days when he was thoroughly pissed off. You never knew what you thought of him. You were scared of him, yet you loved his roughness at the same time.

"Mine, mine. Mine mine mine mine mine." He'd mumble into your neck, nibbling the gentle flesh. He knew you loved it, the way you squirmed and panted the first time he met you. You hated him, yet you couldn't go a day without wondering where he was or what he was doing. Obviously, he's killing, You'd think. 

His voice, his laugh, his complete look was oddly attractive to you. Neither of you wondered why you always let him give you the bruises and pain, but neither of you questioned. He never was gentle, he never asked questions. He hardly said your name, and during sex, he'd hardly make a sound. The two of you hardly ever had a casual talk. It was always a rough kiss, a throw off the bed, claiming of territory, and ripping off clothes. He'd cut through them with his knife, hardly caring about what the two of you were to wear the next day. You didn't even know why he picked you. You remembered the day you asked.

"Jeff?" You asked, and he glared at you, bringing his face up from your neck. 
"What is it?" He barked. It was more of a demand than a question. 

You breathed in. This might earn you a slap in the face. He's never done it before, but you still expected it. "Why did you choose me?"
His glaring hardened. "You're pretty." 
"Oh." You let out.

Jeff sighed, and lay his head on your lap. You slowly got up into a sitting position, tangling your hands in his raven black hair. 
"You're pretty." He stated again. "No.. you're beautiful. So beautiful it's almost scary. Addicting. I knew I had to have you. No one would get you but me. I'd kill every other
ass to get you. You're like a a drug. Enchanting, exciting, enticing. I needed you. I saw you, and I knew.. I knew you couldn't belong to anyone else. You're mine, (name),
Mine mine mine mine. Your hair, like a (h/c) river. Your skin, shining (s/c) , smoothed to perfection. Your eyes, like (e/c) orbs. Everything. Perfect. Got it?" 

You were speechless, and then you smiled. You giggled quietly , slipped down to his level, and curled into his arms. "Yeah. I got it." 
His arms wrapped around your frame, bringing you closer. "Good." He whispered.

You awoke, once again. The memory. You wished he was always like that, but you couldn't have everything your way. You shot up, panting and empty sobs filling the room.
Why you were crying, you didn't know. Your eyes darted to the window, and then around the room. He wasn't here. What time was it? You checked the clock on your night stand, 4:00 AM. Why wasn't he here yet? He's usually here. 

You got up, walking to the window. Looking outside, you saw no one. Just your neighbors and the forest behind them. You huffed. "Man-bitch", you muttered. 
Grabbing your coat and sneakers, you left the room and went quietly down the stairs and to the living room. Just in case, you checked every room you could just in case he 
was hiding. Nothing. You huffed again, and went back upstairs into your room. Opening the window, you looked down. This is going to hurt in the morning, You thought. 
You swallowed, hard, and jumped off the ledge. You landed with a 'thump' . Wincing, you walked away, and into the almost - hidden trail you had made with your father when
you were younger. 

The walk seemed to take at least thirty minutes. That's when you heard leaves crunching further up the trail. There he stood, walking your way. You instinctively ran behind a tree, and hid. He stopped, and smirked. Shit, shit he knows I'm here!, You thought.

"I'm sorry I didn't come home early, babe." He said in a mocking tone. 
"Pretending to be normal, are you?" You stated, walking out from behind the tree and up to him. The difference in height between you and a stranger would normally 
intimidate you, but you loved that he had to bend down just to kiss you. Yes, you hated him but these were the moments you cherished.

"Is something wrong with that?" He said, pulling you close. 
"No. I like you and your strange ways." You said, playing with the strings of his hoodie. He bent down, giving you one of those rough and hungry kisses you were so used to. 

With enough confidence, you pushed him backward, into a tree. You heard him chuckling, which only made you more determined. Was he underestimating you? That jerk. 
Once the support of the tree held him up straight, you climbed up on him, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. You knew he hated it when you had control. Of course he did, but he never stopped you. Maybe he liked that you were the one hungry for more this time. He pushed yourself into him, but moved his head to
the side. 

"Jeff The Killer." You stated his full name. He looked at you , then looked around.
"Your house. Slender-butt is probably watching. Don't give him a porno." He stated.
"Can't. Parents are home. But, Jeff, I need you. Now." You darkened the last word, just to emphasize it. He seemed to get the message, and carried you further down the trail.

"Where are we going?" You asked. You had the control before, and you didn't like your work being disturbed. 
"Just you wait, doll. Once we get there, I'll rip you apart like a whore. Thinkin' you had control for a second." He snorted. You could just feel his rolling his eyes.
"No! You always get control!" You argued. 

He stayed silent. "Greedy bastard," You muttered under your breath. He stopped. "Sorry," You squeaked. Jeff resumed his stroll, 
and eventually stopped and turned at a house. It looked brand new, and it probably belonged to one of his victims. He kicked open the glass slide door,  and went upstairs.
There he stopped at the master bedroom, and threw you on the large bed. There, he took out a dagger, but he was no threat.

Climbing on top of you, he shredded off your clothes. He nibbled on the skin of your neck, and stopped. You whined. 
"Shut up. Don't you have school?" He growled. 
"So? I'll skip today."  You snorted.
"Your parents will freak." Another statement! Gah! 
"Do you not want to do this?" You asked.
"Dude," He started, thrusting fingers into you. "I told you I'd rip you apart, and I would. But you've got reality problems." 

You gasped, and arched your back. 
"What if I don't care about them? Let them freak!" You said, clinging to his hoodie.
"So, if I asked you to marry me or something, you'd leave everything behind?"

You stared at him for a moment, then flipped him over so you were on top. "Yes! Yes!" 
"I didn't ask to marry - " He started, but you cut him off.
"Too bad. I'm coming with you." You said.

He sighed, and reversed the position. "Fine, but only if you survive this." He smirked.
You laughed, and threw your head back. "Bring it, bro." 
ERMAHGERD. Guys, you really need to stop requesting this ONE pairing. (Is it a pairing? I'll consider it a pairing).
Every time I try and write these, I feel like Jeff The Killer is behind me. IT'S SO CREEPY. STAHHPPP.

I can just tell Makenna is going to be like : "BUT SALLL, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THEM!"
And my usual response would be : "BUH I WANNA MOAR READERS!"

.___. Fml. Really.

Anyway, this request is for WHOEVER REQUESTED IT. I don't give out names for requests because if it's really bad or something I don't want
people to start pointing fingers. (<-- *random fact* : I typed "fingures" before I found out I spelled it wrong.)

Hope you enjoyed the smexxxyyy time you and him had together.


Good day, dullards
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Me: *slams laptop* NOTHING
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Me: o//3//o
Sender: -warning tone- Jeff,..
Jeff: WELL!!
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