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March 13, 2013
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No one's POV

The raven haired couple lay in bed; 3:00 AM and still awake. The petite figure under the thin sheets lay panting, clinging onto the other. 
"S-sheesh.." She whispered, wiping some sweat off her brow. The other figure chuckled. "You agreed, didn't you?" He asked. She nodded slowly. She buried her face in his chest, relishing the moment
"Night Jeff." She said softly, before drooping her eyes closed.

It was the morning after, Sally still lay under the sheets. Sleeping peacefully, but soon disturbed. "Sally Wally who died in an alley!" A happy voice chirped. "Mmph, what is it, Neo?" She mumbled, snuggling with the man and petting his ears. "What time is it?" 
"My little Sally Wally, it's nearly eleven!" He licked her face in a dog like manner. She cringed at the contact.
"Mmkay.. Be out in a sec." She said to no one in particular. Neo curled up on the covers. She waltzed nude over to the dresser, picking out an oversized grey hoodie and some black skinny jeans. She tied her hair in a messy, yet perfect bun. Lazy Sunday. 

Finally dressed, she and Neo left for the kitchen. Slender and Scarlet sat at the table. 
"For the love of death, is Jeff beating you at night or something? The headboard was hitting the wall so roughly we thought it was an intruder!" Slender exclaimed. Sally blushed.
"Oopsies. Are we that bad?" She looked around embarrassed. "Where is he, anyway?"
"Ahh," Slender said with a wave of his hand. "He's been sane for far too long. He finally had the urge for blood lust." The girl nodded,
walking out the door and plopping on the porch stairs. 

Yawning, she played with some soil in her hands. It was rich, good for planting. No wonder such beautiful forests flourished here. 
"Aha." She said in a monotone voice. "I'm having so much fun playing with dirt."

"Well maybe we should go for a stroll instead!" 

The petite teenager turned around to see who disturbed her boredness. "Scarlet! Oh, okay then."
The doll beamed, walking down the steps and taking her hands. "You know, I never thought Jeff would actually come to feel emotion again."
"Again?" Sally asked. Scarlet looked at her. 
"Yeah. When he first became a creepy pasta, his first few months he actually held emotion. I guess the more he killed the more it just died away.." 

The two walked in silence down the dirt path. The wind picked up slightly, causing Sally to shiver. "It's the spring winds," Scarlet smiled.
"Yeah.." She smiled back. Her black hair pooled around her. It had grown over the month, now reaching her elbows. "It's pretty here.." 
"A great place to teach children how to kill.." Scarlet cooed. "Slender can take them hunting, teaching them the ways of catching prey.." 
Sally swallowed. "Interesting. I wonder if I'll ever have children.." Her green eyes aimed to the sky, darting back and forth across the canopy. Having children never appealed to her, but everyone seemed so happy to have one.. 

"Ah, yes, I'm sure you will..with someone..someday..." The doll trailed off. The whispering winds flowed between them. The tall trees dotted with bright green leaves swayed. Sally got a feeling in her stomach, an unpleasant one at that. It made her panic. 
"We should head back." She said, turning to Scarlet. 
"You're getting that feeling too?" Sally nodded. 

The girls jogged back home, finally arriving to the house. Slender paced back and forth, muttering to himself. 
"What's wrong?" Scarlet asked. Slender shook his head. 
"No, no , no.. They've tracked us here." He said, turning to Scarlet. "We need to get away. Please, darling, Scarlet, come with us." 
Scarlet looked at Sally then back to Slender. "W-what? But..where?" 

"I only have one place left." He said. "New Zealand. That's our best shot. We must pack. Dammit, where is Jeff?!" 
"Calm down, please.." Scarlet soothed him, rubbing his arm. He slumped against her in exhaustion. 

Sally stood there. Where was Jeff? Walking into the house, she walked into their bedroom, cuddling up in his spot. It caved in slightly, from him laying there. Curling up in the blankets, she fell asleep.


"Ssaally.. Get up." 
"Hm?" She mumbled. "What is it, Jeff?" 

He fell upon her, making her groan. "Noo.. You're heavy." He didn't move, playing with her hair. "Seriously, Jeff.. Jeffy. Jeffy-boo. Backaroo.." Her eyes were drooping shut again, but he yanked at her hair. "Ow! Knock it off!" She scrowled.
He laughed, picking her up in his arms. "Wake up.. We're leaving." She nodded. "New Zealand, I know.." Sally buried her face in her shoulder.
"You're slipping off.." He mumbled, trying to keep her in his arms. She straddled him tighter. "And yes, we're going to New Zealand." 
"I don't wanna pack."
"Well, you're gonna have to pack." 

"But I'm -"

He set her down, sighing. "Don't give me a tone.." 
"I will give you a tone. I'm tired." She grumbled. Jeff slumped against her, sighing again. Jeff sighed. "C'mon, Boo, please."
"Since when do you call me 'Boo', Jeff?" 
"Since you called me Jeffy-Poo." 
"Fine, Jeffy-poo-woo-loo-buck-a-roo.." She mumbled into his neck. He spanked her, and she yelped. "I'm up! I'm up!" 

The two packed, folding clothes and undergarments. Finally finishing her suitcase, Sally powered down, falling onto the bed. Jeff left the room, leaving her alone. The teenager lay on her back, staring at the ceiling in silence. How come everyone is having babies? Babies are stupid. People are stupid. All this fuss over Jeff and I is stupid. 

Jeff walked back in, beer in hand. She sat up, "Scarlet has beer?". He took a sip and nodded. "You're not having any." Sally pouted. 
There was a couple minutes of silence, and he finally finished his packing. He flopped down next to her, letting the beer soak in. 
"I want a baby." 

Jeff choked. 

Sally shrugged, drooping her eyes shut again. Jeff flicked her nose gently. "Whaat?" She groaned.
"A baby? You? Me? Is this the sleep talking? If it is, go to sleep." 
"No, I'm still sane." 
"What? Why?"
"You're seventeen!" He exclaimed. She pouted again. "Sooo?" 

The two fell back into silence. She shifted over to him. "Pleeasse?"
"When you're eighteen, we'll talk." He mumbled into her ear. "Maybe.." 
"Yay." She said unenthusiastically.

"Oh, come on.. Why do you suddenly want a child slave?"
"I dunno.." Jeff sighed, siting up. He grabbed her wrists, pulling her up. Sally slumped, half asleep. He licked her nose, and she cringed.
"Stop it, Jeff.." He licked her nose again. Sally swatted him away, "Ugh! Stop!". He licked again, making her scrowl.

He stopped, glaring at her. He hated his name. "Don't ever call me that again."
"Then don't mess with me when I'm in a bad mood."
"Oh yeah?"

They had a glaring contest. Obviously, Jeff would win..
"Stop staring at me." She growled. 
"What? No!"
"Apologize, now."
"I'm sorry, Jeffrey."
"SALLY!" He roared, getting dangerously close. "What did I just say?!"
She only sneered at him, staying still. "Try me, smile boy."

Oh, she was gonna get it. "What?"
"You heard me."

Sally hit the wall with a thud. 

Oh my god, I'M HORRIBLE

.. Typing with one hand is very hard. *Noms on chips*

Jeff The Killer / SlenderMan / Scarlet Fitch do not belong to me
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ShadowX71301 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
with a thud......damn Jeff WTF!
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i love this story so much!
JeffKills Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Jeff, I loves you, but you do NOT wanna mess with me when I'm tired or hungry.. c: :iconchainsawplz:
Animelover121212121 Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student Artist
Im the same dont mess with me when im mad, half asleep, asleep, or scare me thats when im the worst
JeffKills Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Animelover121212121 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Student Artist
Im dead up serious too
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you are the most lemon writer that i have ever me had pleasure of reading there books
Mikachi-neko Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Hmmm. The way the last sentence is worded makes me wonder what Jeff's punishment for her is. Maybe I'm just a perv though and he really is going to get close to killing her xD
Firefliy Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Student Writer
Lololol.. no pervy stuff this time xDD
Mikachi-neko Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Well, darn *snaps fingers*
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