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February 27, 2013
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The two of us walked into the deep parts of the forest. The sun was just starting to come up, making me cringe. I hated the day. Currently, I wanted to say something. He said he would set off from killing that night, to 'get familiar with me'. Does that count as awkward silences? We'd been silent for a while. 

"We're here." He said. I looked around, and there was a small pond. Next to it, was a mansion. My eyes went wide.
"A mansion?!" I nearly shrieked. 
Jeff shrugged. "Belonged to one of my victims. I actually took care of it." He opened the door with a key and walked inside. "Feel free to" 

I studied him. I still don't understand how he's still alive after all this damage he's done to his face. He looked at me once more, before heading upstairs. A feeling of familiarity took over me. It made my stomach churn, and I gripped the couch. It suddenly felt as if I'd known him for years. Where have I seen that look? Where? Where?! 
Jeff The Killer. Jeff The Killer. Jeff The Killer. Jeff The Killer. 

Oh god, where does that seem familiar? Then, it came. The internet. The website. What was it called again? ... Creepy something. Creepy pasta! Oh my god. I'm with a creepy pasta! Does this mean the others are real too?! I've heard some pretty fucked up stories. Where was Jeff? I suddenly had a feeling of paranoia. Walking over to the stairs, I stepped on each one carefully.

"Jeff?" I asked quietly. No response. "..Uh.. Jeff?" 

The hallway was empty. I heard a slight ruffling from the bedroom down the hall. I slipped a hand into my jacket pocket, gripping the dagger until I felt my knuckles turn white.
I walked, making sure my footsteps were quiet. Once arriving at the door, I knocked. No response. Again. I growled lightly. I grabbed the knob and turned. The scene before me made my face feel warm.

The bathroom door was open just a crack, but I saw enough. I swooped down the hallway and dove down the stairs. I sat at the farthest end of the couch, hugging my knees to my chest. What has been seen cannot be unseen. 

He could have at least told me has was going to take a shower!!! 

I now hate glass shower doors. They cover nothing. A guy I just hardly met, and I've seen him naked already. I wonder if this is what being a slut feels like. A giggle escaped my mouth at my little joke. I now wish to forever erase that moment from my memory. How the hell does he get that pale? Bathe in bleach? I hate tan skin. I should try that. 

My mouth was still dry. On instinct, I padded over the fridge. I expected it to be empty, but surprisingly it had a fair amount of food. I grabbed a peach from the bottom fruit drawer, and rinsed it under the sink. I wonder how this place is still up and running. Out of boredom, I scrolled through the junk drawers. I found a blank white box, and instantly became curious. Holding the peach with my mouth, I picked the box up. It was about the size of my hand. Inside, there were small packages with a small circle sticking up from inside. I placed the small packages back in the box and in the drawer, slamming it shut. Condoms? I didn't know he still got girls. 

I heard footsteps in the hallway upstairs, and I darted to the couch. Jeff came down the stairs. Nope, I wasn't doing a thing! 
"You know," He started. "You should use your hands to eat that peach." 
I flushed. "I.. I know." 
He looked at me funny. Well, despite his face, he gave me a weird look. Did he notice me snooping around? 

"You know I live alone, right?" He said.
I nodded. "Figured." 
"Well.. just saying." He went to the fridge.

I stared at the wall, pondering what he meant. My jacket began to hitch up my waist, showing bare skin. Something was poking against it. It was getting annoying. When I went to look, it was that disgusting little package. In annoyance, I chucked it in Jeff's direction. 

"What?" He looked my way.
"Your condoms." I muttered. 
"Bazinga." He winked at me. 
:iconiloveitplz: YAY! DONE!

Bring on the Big Bang Theory, come on yo, YEAH!
Lol whut.

Anyway, I hope you like it. I noticed I forgot about Neo. Oops.

Disclaimer: Jeff The Killer does not belong to mua. HAVE A NICE DAY ~
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