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September 23, 2012
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                                                      Slender Man x Reader Chapter 9

              It was about 10:30 pm. when you and the others had finished dinner.  "Jeff," SlenderMan started.
             "How about you and Masky go to visit Eyeless Jack for a while, hmm?"
             "At this time?" Jeff replied.
             "I had called him earlier asking if you two could spend the night. I know how much you adore him." SlenderMan
              said again. Jeff eyed his suspiciously.
             "Since when have you done anything nice for us?" The smiling teenager asked.
             "Oh Jeff, just go. I'm sure you and Masky will have a splendid time" SlenderMan groaned.
                  Suddenly, it's like a light bulb went off in Jeff's head.
                 Jeff's smirk had suddenly gotten wider. Which was a wonder to you, knowing that he had such a big smile.
            "Ohhh. Okay." He eyed the two of you.
          "We're going to Jack's house?" Masky asked.
           Jeff grabbed the mask wearing boy by the hand and led him through the door, smile dog trailing after them.
         "Yes Masky, we're going to see Eyeless Jack. Now, let's go" Jeff started off.

        You could hear the chatting of the two companions grow fainter and fainter. You looked up to SlenderMan, who
       was currently eyeing the door.
     "What are you staring at?" You asked.
     "The door."
     "Well, I can see that,  but .. why?"
     "I want to change it's color."
         You sighed. You glanced over to it, taking in it's deep navy blue colors.
          You thought it was actually a very pretty color, and wondered why he'd want to change it.
     "To what?" You asked.
    "I'm thinking crimson. " He said after a thoughtful moment. "It would apply better to my tastes"
     "Ah." You said in understanding.
    "What if..." You trailed off.
     "If?" He asked.
   "What if , I wanted it a different color..?" You said in a questionable tone.
   "Well if I liked it..I would agree. But if it was Pink or such , I wouldn't change it."
    "Oh? So it's about you?" You questioned.
    "Well, I do most of the house fixing around here. And I'm more dominant." He said, looming over you.
       You suddenly felt small. You looked up, and rose an eyebrow.
   "You look tiny from here." He stated.
   "And I will use that as an advantage.." You smirked.

        He chuckled, leaning into you. Those non existant lips appeared again, smashing onto your with great hunger.
    "Oh? How is that?" He asked.
     "I have my ways. I can be sneaky, too." You stated.
    "I doubt that." He said , pulling away quickly, only to make his lips come in contact with yours again.
    "Don't underestimate me, SlenderMan." You said through breaths.
     "Happy Birthday , by the way" He stated.
        Your eyes widened. You pulled away. He stared at you.
     "Is something wrong?" He asked.
        Instead of answering, you took his hand, leading him up the stairs ,to his bedroom , and threw him on the bed.
      "Whoa, come down , (insert name here)" He chuckled. "Now whats wrong?" He asked again.
     A smile plastered on your face. "You remembered."
       "I did. I forgot to get you a present, though" He said lowly, as if he was ashamed.
           You smirked. "Hey.."
      He looked up , a small laugh escaping his mouth. "What?"
           Your smirk turned bigger.
      "Okay , seriously , Tell - "  
          You pounced on him, quickly ripping open his suit.
               He gasped slightly - as if he wasn't expcecting this behavior from you.
            Of course he wasn't.

       You slid down your jeans, revealing your underwear, and switched off the lights with a smirk.

           "What on earth are you doing?" He asked again.
          "You said you'd see how much noise I'd make tonight"
             You could almost feel him smirking.
          "Oooh. Your playing that game." He chuckled.
           "Let's see if I can make you squeal." You breath into his neck.
           "Like thats going to happen." He replied.
                "Oh?" You said.
             You were 15. You can do this.
                                                 *That night*

                "Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" He panted. Suddenly ,you jumped off.
            "Why'd you --- stop?" He said - panting heavily.
                             You didn't reply.
               Instead, you went harder.
        "MOTHER OF -- " He was cut off.You had stopped again. You knew you loved teasing a creature so dangerous - the  
                              You went on again - his sharp bony claws digging into the flesh of your waist.
                  "I swear..." He trailed off. "Shit. I'm going to - FUCK" He almost shrieked. You snickered.
                  "..Too late." He said, exhausted. You fell ontop of his, your bare body covered in sweat.
             You resisted getting too loud that night - but you were proud that you made him scream.
                                  Your eyes drooped shut, a smirk still on your face.
Okay , this was practically a lemon. I know , I promised I would make her preggers in this one.. :(
B-But , HEY! Atleast he gave her the child! ^^"


broh broh broh broh broh broh broh broh broh
:stare: :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare: :stare:

Enjoy my Slendyness
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slendyishot Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
You know I just read that last part and I can't help but notice.... I don't even know anymore 0.o
Tizzy101 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I feel proud now :3
Slender: What are you reading now child?
*growls and slams the laptop shut* GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM! BEFORE I HURT YOU!
Slender: *grabs my lap top and opens it* What the hell where you reading?
*blushes and runs out of the room* SHIT SHIT  BEN HELP!
Sleder: *reads* oh dear, this just won't do, *smirks and runs after me*
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All of the symptoms, except heavy coughing fits, my stuff going haywire, and actually seeing him...though, I do admit, my throat has gotten a TINY bit itchy...I DON'T WANT MY STUFF TO GO HAY-WIRE!!!! I'LL DIE OF BOREDOM!!!...But I do want see him...:iconlazycryplz:
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YueMoonLuna Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
<font><font>Me gusta la historia, pero a los 15 años es muy pedófilo a mí, creo que debería tener como mínimo 16 años o más</font></font>
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