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October 18, 2012
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                                        Slender Man  x  Reader Chapter 23

       "Hmmm.." Slender Man glaced at you, and went face first into the matress.
       "I missed this bed." He muffled into the pillow.
        You lied down, and winced.
       "And you." He added.
          Slender Man drooped his arm over your stomach.

       "Don't squeez me!!" You pretended to choke, and giggled.
       "Bad Joke" He said into the pillow.

        A moment of silence passed by, and he immediatly raised his head.

      "Kick." He stated.
      "Kick?" You raised an eyebrow.
      "Another kick."
      "Kick? What are you - Oh oh! Now I feel it!" You smiled.
           Small pats were felt from the inside on the side of your stomach, and Slender Man cradled it gently.

       "Cassie! Cassie Cassie!" You yelled out her name, and heeard someone skipping up the stairs quickly.

        "IS IT COMING?!" She looked at you wide eyed.
       "No.." You laughed.
        Slender Man again smashed his face into the pillow.
       "The baby is kicking." He muffled.
       "I wanna feel!" Cassie squealed. She skipped over, and your placed her hand where the kicks were felt.
          She beamed.
      "I feel it! Jeff, Get up here!" She called.
      "Coming!" Jeff called from down stairs.
      "What is it?" Masky asked from his room.
      "The baby is kicking!" Cassie squealed again.
          You heard the faint mumbling coming from his room.

      "I wanna feel!" Amanda giggled, and ran down the hallway and plopped down on your bed.
      She placed her hand into position, and giggled lightly.
      Jeff arrived at the doorway. "All this fuss over kicking." He breathed.
       "I know right?" Masky called from his room again.
       Jeff glanced over.
      "C'mon , Masky. Be a man and come over." Jeff chuckled.
              Masky groaned, and walked over.
        He shuffled over to Amanda's side, and draped an arm over her shoulder.

        Amanda and Cassie giggled and laughed, and mumbled little things to eachother.
        Slender Man glanced up from his pillow, and eyed them curiosly .
       "Hmm.." Slender hummed.
          You looked over to him , and trailed a finger down his back.

          He shivered, and breathed heavily.
     "When you have this baby, I'm going to hammer you so hard" He mumbled.
     "I don't think so," Cassie shook her finger.
     "Once a woman has a child,  she has to wait 3 months before intercourse" Cassie said matter - of  - factly.
       Slender Man groaned.
     "Gross." Jeff cringed.
      " <Insert Name here>?" He asked.
      He got up, grabbed your shoulders, and looked you dead in the face.
     "Hurry up and give birth." He stated.
        You raised an eyebrow, and he plopped back onto the matress.

    "Don't you worry, it'll be due soon." Cassie stated.
    "When?" Amanda asked.

          Cassie bent down, and eyed your stomach.
    "If I'm correct..possibly in the next 2 weeks or sooner."
   Slender Man jolted up, and stood up.
      "Whats up with you?" You asked.

     "I need to get started on the baby's room." He groaned. "I completley forgot!!"

     Jeff stood up ,and followed Slender Man down the hallway.
    "I'll help!!" He shouted.
      "So, what if it's a boy?" Amanda asked.
      "We were thinking Slenden" You smiled.
     "Ew." Cassie cringed.
      You pouted.
    Amanda laughed, "It's fine."
    "And, Jinx for a girl"

    "It better be a girl" Amanda stated.
    Cassie shook her head, "It will be."
     You giggled, and stood up.
   "Where are you going?" Cassie asked.
       You looked at them, then looked around the room.
      "When I have this baby, I'm going to be busy."
      Cassie looked confused.
    You sighed, and looked back at them.
    "We're going into town" You smiled.

    Amanda smiled, and stood up.
   "Let's do it!"
      The three of you walked down the hall, and stopped at the baby's room.
    "What the fuck? This doesn't even FIT!" Jeff declared angrilly.
      Slender Man growled, and smashed two pieces together.

    "We're going into town." You bluntly said.
    "HAVE FUN!" They both yelled out of aggrivation, and continued to smash pieces against eachother.
DISLCAIMMMERRR: Slender Man , Jeff the killer, Masky, and Smile Dog are not mine.
Amanda is her own person.
:iconretardiloveitplz: Enjoyyy~

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Iluvjeffdakiller1 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
I just got an idea and it's super funny what if when she gave birth and someone said " Congratulations Slendy your baby is pikachu," PRICELESS HAHA I crack myself up sometimes! But serz it would be super funny if their baby turned out to be Pikachu. :DD xD :D
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