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Submitted on
October 13, 2012
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                                           Slender Man x Reader Chapter 19

          You trudged through the living room, taking in the scent of whatever was being made.

         "Mornin." Masky yawned, slumped on the couch still in his pajamas.
         "Morning." And you went on with trudging around the house.

        "Morning , <Insert name here> " Cassie greeted from the kitchen , who was pouring Orange Juice in
         a glass.
           In response, you made a very unlady like grunt. Which didn't really matter to anyone at the moment.
                 In the kitchen there was all females , anyway.

        "Morning sickness looked like it got you good.." Amanda started, looking up from her coffee.
         "Oh, I got a beating this morning." You cringed at the memory.
        "Wow, that stinks.." She replied.

         "Hello ladies.." Slender Man walzted into the kitchen with a morning news paper in his hands.
        "Where'd you get that?" You raised an eyebrow.
        "I went into the city and grabbed a newspaper." He replied, as if it was a simple task.
        He nodded, and went to the coffee maker, slipping a mug underneath the coffee dispenser.

        "I didn't know you drank coffee" Masky mused, and he walked in, taking a seat beside Amanda.
        "Might as well start now." He replied, taking a sip.
        "That's true. He is having kids soon , he'll need the energy." Amanda agreed.
        "Kids.." Cassie swooned.

             Masky shot Cassie a glance.
       "Maybe Jeff will come around and give you some." He grinned.
       "N-No..don't be silly!" Cassie flushed.
       "He is becoming suddenly fatherly. Maybe he'll get jealous of mine and want some of his own." SlenderMan
         revealed his lips that turned into a satisfying smile.

       "I'll wait for the day until I see Cassie pregnant and married to Jeff." You thought of it, and it wasn't
           that hard to picture.

       "Where is Jeff, anyway? Still snoozing?" Masky asked.
       "He's at a meeting he left to this morning.." Cassie replied.
       "Oh yeah..he has one every month or so to straighten out his plans."
       "Well... Jeff is in the department of a killer. With knives. Not supernatral killing. I have a meeting like that too."
         Masky started.
       "He is given a plan on how much he has to kill that month, and how many he has to kill a week." Masky looked
        over to Cassie, giving her an uneasy glance.
       "Oh.." Cassie nodded.

        "Well..I must bring <Insert Name Here> to the CP docter associates." Slender Man said, and grabbing your hand.
        "Go ahead, and change. I'll be waiting down here." He motioned his hand up torwards the bedroom.

         You slipped on some sweat pants, and a sweatshirt.
         Looking for shoes, you spotted your favorite old converse and slipped those on ,too.

        You quietly slipped down the stairs, and onto the front porch where Slender Man was waiting.
          A smile appeared on your face.

       "You're not really taking me to the docters , are you?" You smirked.
       "I knew you would catch on.." He lifted you up bridal style and walked through the forest, and
       into a clean meadow.

        There were dead flowers , not colorful , live ones.
        There were little black and white butterflies, and the grass looked dead and ashy.
            But it was soft.
        In the distance , there was a skinny, dead willow.
        Even further, there was a sign. But you couldn't make out the words.
        And , lastly, there were large gates about 9 miles out.
               This place looked deadly, yet so appealing.

        "Where.." You started.
            He bent on one knee, and took your hand in his.
        "We are on the border."
        "The border?"
        "Of the spiritual world and reality."
        "<Insert Name here> .. " He started.
        "I wanted to show you this.. I think it's beautiful here..The place where I became.."
         You looked at him , taking in the information.
         "Beyond those walls, is the territory of Creepy Pasta. One day , I want to show you the
          inside of those walls." He stood, cupping your face in his hands.
          "But, I'm human.."
          "Your immortality.."
          "Oh yeah..I forgot."
          "You can come. But not now."
          "Because they forbid children. If they see you pregnant, they'll kill you on sight." He
            pressed his forehead to yours.
          "Is that why you ran? Is that why you came here? Is that why we left?"
          He chuckled.
          "You catch on quickly."
          "Why here? They can easily find us."
          "Because they won't suspect us to be living near they're territory."
          "So they know?
           "So basically.."
          "Go on.."
          "They want to kill me and the our child?"

               His lips appeared, and he smirked.
           "Not if we kill them first."
When I was making this..I was thinking of that 2012 World ending theme.
I couldn't help but put in some action.. er..kind of..
Disclaimer : Slender Man , jeff, Masky , and Smile Dog aren't mine.
Amanda belongs to her own person.
Cassie is mine.

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