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November 13, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

    Okay ~ ! So, In this lemon, you are currently staying at the Phantomhive Manor because you have no where else
    to go. You are a succubus, age 19, and your mother abandoned you at age 12 because you wouldn't
    act like a proper succubus and have your way with people. ENJOY~


     Everyone at the dinner table ate in silence. Sebastian stood by Ciel, who was currently at the head of the table.
     You had met the people who run the household daily, and became good friends with them.
      Baldo and Finny had always given you roses and other gifts, while you and Mei-Rin giggled and gossiped often.
    There was one secret  the entire household didn't know about you - What you really were.
    Well, nearly the entire househould.

       You had been in the garden, when Sebastian startled you and the succubus tail you inherited from your mother
       came lashing out at him, nearly knocking the tea over. You knew he was a demon also, but the silence was still

      Then , Ciel had found out when Sebastian had reported to him what had been seen. Furious, you
      marched right up to the butler and tried to reason with him, only to find out that those crimson eyes of his
     nearly made your heart stop when they stared down at you. Thus, making you walk away in fear and shame.

     Then again, back to dinner.

     "I wonder when Sebastian eats.." Madam Red whispered in your ear, and you nodded in agreement.
     "We should spy on him." You whispered back, a smirk plastered on your face.
          You felt the crimson, demonic eyes staring at you from the head of the table, yet you went on with
          your gossiping.
      "What about the maid, Mei - Rin? She would love this!" Madam Red nearly squeaked.
      "Oh my, yes she would! You smiled back. "We should let them know now!"
       The two of you stood, and thanked Ciel for the food then left the dining room, leaving Ciel and Sebastian with
        Grell, Lau, Ranmao, and the Vincent.

    "Young Master, would you like that I do the dishes now?" You heard Sebastian ask,
    and a smirk bigger than the last.
    "Perfect," You purred.
     Madam Red returned the smirk, and set off to the Worker's Cabin.


   "Mei Rin?" You poked your head out from behind the door.
   "Yes?" She asked, looking up from her dinner plate.
      You casually walked over to her, avoiding Baldo and Finny, and bent down to her ear.
   "Would you like to spy on Sebastian with us?" You whispered.
    She flushed beat red, and held her nose.
  "S-s-spy on Sebastian?" She looked at you. "Let's us go!" She smiled.
  "There he is.." Madam Red whispered.
  "So elegant.. So handsome..So sexy, yes he is." Mei - Rin held her nose.
  "So's almost a crime." Madam drooled.
       You just stood there, watching.
  "So angelic.." Mei Rin started. "It's almost.."
  "Demonic." You cut her off.
 "Yes!" She quietly agreed.

  "Looks like we've got some competition." Ciel announced frombehind you too.
  "Y- Young master!" Mei Rin flushed!
   "Ciel?!" Madam stuttured.
    You stood there, saying nothing.
  He smirked, and looked at you.
  "Especially you." He pointed a finger at your chest.
  "It's not like I can ever get to Sebastian..anyway.." You rolled your eyes at the fantasy.
     He walked away .
  "Hmph. Don't talk like that. It's foolish." He said over his shoulder, and disappeared down the hallway.

  The three of you resumed your work, and became on high alert when Sebastian spoke.

  "Oh my, I got a splash of water on my suit. Looks like I must change it.." He announced.
    You, Madam, and Mei - Rin sat there, hoping he would do what you thought he would.
   "Please take of his shirt, Please take off his shirt.." Mei - Rin crossed her fingers.

        And that, he did.

    The three of you stood, causing Madam and Mei  - Rin to have small nosebleeds.
    You, however, were different.
    Because you were a demon, it had caused your tail to swing out and surprise you.

     The tail wrapped around your ankles, and you fell through the kitchen door and into the kitchen,
     and opened your eyes to see Sebastian looming over you.
   "Spying , I see?" He smiled, and hung his shirt of his shoulder.
   "..My tail." You pouted.
     He made a face, and lifted you up biridal style.
    Sebastian walked out the kitchen door, and stood infront of the two women.
   "I'm guessing she is the leader?" He smirked.
   Too frightened , they nodded 'yes'.

        Assholes!, you thought.

 "Alright then.." Sebastians' tone of voice dropped an octave. "She must be punished."
  That line, made Madam and Mei - Rin flush.
 "Good luck!" They mouthed to you, and Sebastian started down the stairs, down a hall, and to a room in the very

"You know," You started. "Isn't it an insult for a high rank demon to hold a low rank like me?"
 He chuckled in return. "Is that so?"
  You nodded.

      The silence gnawed at you, and you had to say something.

  "I could rape you, you know." You said suddenly.
  "I'd like that." His eyes flickered at you, making you wince.
  "Oh? You would?"
    He didn't say a thing, but kept walking until his finally reached the room at the end of the hall.
   "Well, it's going to be the other way around.." He smirked.

  You wrapped your tail around his torso, bring yourself closer to him.
  "If that's so, then that's a pretty harsh punishment. Let's see if I can over power you."


 Part 1, fin.
So me and my friend were roleplaying Black Butler..and I was bored..and yeah..ENJOY PART 1!!
Black butler does not belong to me.
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