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October 10, 2013
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The 'date' had gone perfectly well, and the two of you had stayed out much longer than you had intended. You at first rethought what 
you were doing at first; it seemed pretty crazy. Not everyday does someone do something as stupid as give a random stranger they met
in the middle of nowhere their number and invite them out to lunch. 

To be honest, you were very, very nervous. The guy looked like a damn model in your eyes; and you were just... you. But he came as he
promised he would, without the mask this time. And he even showed up on time! Unlike other guys you dated, who often showed up late.
He was very timid at first, but opened up eventually after he had gotten accustomed to you. 

And here the two of you were, with the stars just beginning to twinkle in the frigid Autumn air. The two of you stood outside of your 
apartment entrance, reviewing your day and how you thought of it. 

"I thought it was very nice," He finished. "You also looked pretty in your outfit." 

You flushed, he was bold and you liked that. Gathering your courage, you managed to squeak out a, "Would you like to come inside?" 
He hesitated, and for a moment you were afraid of his rejection. He eventually smiled and nodded shyly, and which you beamed and 
unlocked the door and he held it open for you. Your smile only seemed to get wider at his manners, and you eventually settled on the
thought that this relationship might just be successful. 

You eventually wondered over to the elevator and pushed the button to your floor, and for some reason Tim had stared at everything as
if he hadn't seen it in years. The calm elevator music did little to sooth your nerves as you tried to remain calm. To be honest with 
yourself, you really liked him, and it has only been a day. Giving him a shy smile, you gently enclosed his hand in yours just as the doors
of the elevator opened and you tugged him down the dim-lit hallway. You dug through your purse, scrambling for the keys while flustering
obscenities about how troublesome the process was. You pulled out the key, only to stop and embarrass yourself further when you looked
in your date's direction to see him smiling. 

It wasn't an unnerving smile, nor was it mischievous in any sort of way. It was a smile of both admiration and kindness, one of those
smiles that you don't get everyday. He let out a full hearted chuckle, "You look adorable when you blush." 

When you smiled back at him, something in his chest bloomed, and he knew the tips Jeffrey had given him the night before had been 
working. And now that he was thinking of the killer, How are Jeff and Sally? He'll ask the question when he got back; because that was
the only way the madman could have possibly known anything about affection and the female gender. 

By the time he had been torn from his thoughts, he noticed that the door was open, and you leaned on the door frame. "Tim?" 

He swallowed, and smiled shyly. "Sorry. I was thinking of some friends." 
"If they're that interesting as to capture your thoughts, I hope I get a chance to meet them!" The brightness in your eyes was too much
for him to oppose, even though you would most likely not make it out of the manor he lived in with the others alive. 

"Of course." He nodded. Being playful, he added a twist. "I love your hallway." 
You gasped, "Oh! I'm sorry! Come in, come in! It's kinda messy, but I um.. I have wine!" You darted around the corner, and he had only
entered the doorway before you were back with a long, elegant wine bottle that rested in your petite hands in all its glory. 

"That looks lovely," He commented, Play it cool, like Jeff said. Play it cool, play it cool... Play it - Timothy pay attention, she's talking! 

" - Friend got drunk during the last party we had, so I hid it. But, it's pretty new, so yeah!" You beamed. He smiled, walking further into
your apartment and drinking in its features. 

A wide span of large windows covered most of the wall opposite of the the two of you, overlooking the city beneath it. Creme white 
curtains were pinned to the sides with delicate, Silver ribbons. Beside those on the right wall was a bookshelf, decorated with various 
pictures of people he didn't know and just random trinkets that said things like 'Florida' or 'Washington State' . Just beside that was an
end table, and placed neatly atop of it was a simple, white lamp. To the left wall was a couch, it's black leather shined underneath the 
dim glow of the lamp by the other wall. Just to the right of where Tim stood was the television. 

"I'm sorry it's not much. College sucks 'cause it's expensive." You smiled. He only nodded, as if he knew. 

"It's perfectly fine." He smiled to you. "Your house is very nice. I'm surprised you're able to afford it." 
"Oh!" You tilted your head. "I don't want to brag, but I'm good at what I do. I work as a (career of choice)" 

"It suits you." He began, "(F/N), a (career of choice). It's almost as if you were born for it." 
You giggled, "What if I am?" 
He thought for a moment, "Then we outta celebrate with that wine." 

After a few drinks, you were gone. He laughed as you began to giggle hysterically while leaning over the couch. He was actually 
surprised how easy three drinks could set you off, it was amusing, really. 

"And -" You tried to catch a breath. "I don't know! I can hardly even think right now.." 

He nearly screeched when you placed your head on his inner thigh, blowing raspberries as if you were three again. And out of the blue, 
your giggling stopped, and when he looked down see if you had fallen asleep, he met your (e/c) orbs staring right back at his, and he 
blinked in surprise. 

"You have pretty eyes." You mumbled, and just then did he notice that you were sitting on his lap, legs on either side of him. And for
the first time, he hated skirts on you. The exposed skin of your thigh rubbing against his jeans was difficult to ignore. 

"You do, too." Was all he had said back to you. What else could he say? 
"You're handsome, too. You should be a model. Though, I've only seen your face." You rambled on, and at this point he was generally 
curious about your opinion. 

"I haven't seen your body, so I don't know." You whispered. "Though I think it's pretty hot." 
Well, now he has things to brag about when he goes home tonight. 

"That's... I'm glad you think that." He said stiffly. Tim, didn't I tell you to pay attention? She's playing with the buttons of your je - 
TIMOTHY SHE'S HERE TO PLAY AND YOU BETTER FUCKING PLAY WITH HER. He was surprised with the voice in his head, but he went 
along with it anyway. 

With one hand toying with his jeans zipper, and the other guiding itself up his abs, you breathed out a satisfied sigh and smirked. 
"Timothy," You added a moan to your voice to catch his attention. "I'm uncomfortable on the couch." 

He had no idea how to do with. With a strangled voice, he replied. "Do.. do you want to go to your room, then?" 
Your smile let him know that he had done a good job. 

Tim had watched you stumble through the halls before deciding to take you by the elbow and guide you to what seemed to be your
bedroom(Hey, it had a bed, there really isn't any other way to clarify his assumption). 

Giggling, you tugged him to the mattress and immediately began pressing your lips against his, while rolling your hips against his groin. 
His hands wandered up your sides, nails digging into your hips while his fingers etched your fleece shirt up and ghosting his fingertips
across your hipbones. You shuddered at his cold touch, and let your hands guide themselves up his stomach. 

Having enough, you tugged at it, silently demanding him discard the article of clothing. He agreed, tossing it aside on the heap of pillows
before doing the same to yours. He was surprised at your body type; to be honest, he loved it. 

"Tim," You whispered just as his cool hands grazed just underneath your bra. He looked up when you spoke. "Make me scream." 
That's all he needed to loose himself.

Lifting you gently, a little too gently for his taste, he laid you on your back before ripping open the two pieces of cloth that hid your full
body from him. He gazed at you with such awe, you started to flush. He bent over, hover just inches from your body as he brushed his
lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he slowly guided your bare legs so that they rested snugly on his hips.
Unzipping the zipper of his jeans, he could already feel you push them down with your feet. 

Okay, he had to be honest. He had no idea how to do this. The only thing he had experience from is when Jeffrey had thrown a bunch of
magazines in front of that that read Playboy and others that featured naked women. But he positioned himself at your entrance just as he
was supposed to, and entered slowly, which released a satisfying 'Oooh' from your end.

The edge of his lips twitched, and he repeated what he had just done, only to have the same sound erupt from your plush lips and your 
legs that were wrapped around his waist tighten. 

Your toes curled. You hadn't done this in a while, and you were surprised how safe you felt with Tim. His thrusts were agonizingly slow, which drove you to the high heavens with each push.Your eyelids eventually fluttered shut, and when he entered again, your back 
arched. Sweat was forming at your temple, and the way his gentle hands roughly pulled your hips closer drove him mad. 

"Ah," You breathed out a moan, and he nibbled on your collarbone. Your fingers lost themselves in his hair, while he shifted his position
slightly. Out of nowhere, the rippling feeling of pure ecstasy shot its way up your spine. Your eyes snapped open and you sucked in a 
deep breath. "Holy shit! Do that again!" 

And he did. Whatever he was doing to you was oddly addicting, to see you in such a state was like drinking a shot of pure 
accomplishment. He'd make boss proud. 

"Fuck! Tim, just go faster already!" He recoiled for a moment, but brought his confidence up again and moved his hips in a faster motion,
in which you writhed and moaned underneath him. 

"I'll have to - oh yes," You were cut off. You were so over the edge that you had started moving against him, out of pure instinct. "I'll
have to apologize to the neighbors..!" 

With one final thrust, he had an odd feeling. His thighs suddenly felt like jelly, and he had the urge to go as fast as he could. So he did, 
and your screams that echoed throughout the room were toxic and overwhelming. He came.

You could feel the odd feeling of his substance flowing inside of you, which only caused you to cry out in pleasure. And just like that, 
you had released, your limbs falling limp to your sides out of exhaustion. Your arms, however, stayed locked around his neck.

"I'd like to continue this relationship." He murmured. 
Giving him a quick peck, you smiled, "Please stay here tonight." He nodded. 

"I .. love you." Tim's shy demeanor had returned. You beamed.
"I love you too!" 

Request for :icontoxic-talon: because she had originally requested a lemon and I forgot about the lemon part.. so .. here's a
continuation of screwsandlighters.deviantart.c…

Jeff The Killer, Slender and Eyeless Jack don't belong to me.


Hiya! Just addin' in some things I noticed and some things I forgot to mention.
Isn't it weird I keep mistaking Masky as Eyeless Jack? Weird, huh?...


forgot what I wanted to say




did you get the Violent Lovers reference?

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