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Submitted on
February 27, 2013
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 Aim. Shoot. Reload. Dodge. Repeat.

The same routine went on for hours. It was growing dark, yet we were supposed to stay out until exactly 9:00 PM. I groaned. I'm starting to wonder what the hell game makers were thinking when they made zombie games. This is not as easy nor fun as it seems. 

"Aleck?" I turned to my right. He aimed, shot, reloaded, and dodged. Huh. Seems like we're all going by the same code. Cool. Then, he stopped. "Uh..Aleck?"
"Is that him?" He gaped, looking straight ahead. I had to swipe a zombie away because the git wasn't paying attention.
"He, who?" I scanned the crowd. 
"R! That maniacal father zombie thing human guy!" Aleck stood to his full height, mocking me with my shortness. 
"Seriously? R? Nah." But it was true. My eyes fell upon a hobbling figure, dressed in a red hoodie. It was R. "Whoa. I see him too!"

"Isn't it amazing?!" He beamed. "Oh, yeah, cool. Now we need to protect ourselves from these meat eaters." I deadpanned. 
He grumbled at my statement, aiming his gun once more. "What if I shot him?" 
"Aleck, no! We're not supposed to! He feels! " I exclaimed, nudging his shot gun to a different direction. I couldn't aim to Aleck's toe. Damn. 
"I'm kidding," He chuckled. "If he feels , we should head over there. Whatd'ya say?" Aleck looked up at me.
I put on the best poker face I could. "I say you're an idiot. He still eats flesh, moron!" 

Aleck pouted, but walked in R's direction regardless. "Aleck! Aleck!" I whispered harshly. 
Too late. My dear friend was already half way over, and I had to sneak around groups of the un dead just to reach him. I grabbed his hand. "You're going to get yourself killed."

Shrugging it off, he approached R. I gulped. R just looked at him, and put a hand on his shoulder. I saw his lips move slowly. Aleck let out a loud laugh. Some zombies turned their heads, and I gulped down fear. R looked at me for a minute. It seemed to last forever. Then, he waddled off to do whatever zombies did. Aleck came back. 
"What did he say?" I asked. 
"He said woman are pets that ruin life." He gave out another laugh. I gaped, then hit his forearm. 
"Jerks! You men are all jerks!" 

I stormed off to our original spot. "And zombies are jerks, too!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.
I swear I saw R turn his head and look at me. 

Request for : :iconlost-in-her-words:

I'm sorry it's so short Q~Q . You know I don't make short chapters, so this should be a freebie!
Plus, I wanna read some other fanfictions ~
Then, I am out to the woods with my umbrella, hoping to make my cold worse.

Disclaimer : R , Warm Bodies, or the entire idea of loving zombies does not belong to me. Aleck belongs to mua c: ~

... Am I the only one who thinks the title ' Warm Bodies ' Sounds sexual?
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