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April 7, 2013
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The young man lay sprawled out on the couch, his head hanging off the arm. It was his lazy Sunday. Until she bugged him, that is. 

"Izaya.." She said boredly. Her [hair color] hair was tied into a loose bun, and her baggy clothes swayed with her motion. "Move." 

"Mmmph." He grunted, not moving. "Make me, [Name]." Like, seriously. Why were woman bored all the time? And was she on her time of the month? He had noticed her change in behavior. He stopped keeping track of her monthly tantrums months ago. She groaned, dropping to her knees and resting her head on his thigh. Her hair parted so it revealed her ears and her tiny ear plugs. He tugged on one. 

Snapping her head up, she squeaked. "Ow! Izaya, that hurts!"
"[Name], do you want something?" He asked, pulling her up so that she rested ontop of him. She rested against his chest, closing her eyes.
"No, that's ridiculous." She huffed. He knew better, he was too clever. 

"You do." Izaya stated. "Because you don't usually come crawling to me on a weekend like that unless you want me raveled in sheets or something."

The young woman blushed, "Stop that. It's more like the other way around." Izaya only sighed, staring up at the ceiling. "Okay, maybe I do want something." 

He knew it. Since the day he met her Izaya had the girl all figured out. And the way she could get the great Izaya himself to obey her made her his most favorite human. "Okay wifey.. What is it that you want?" 

Her answer had left him with a emotionless expression. "No." He deadpanned. 
"But why? We've been married for eight months and we could at least try." She pouted. Woman and their interests; even the infamous informant would never understand it. 

"Do you realize how much work that is?" He asked, something she had obviously not thought about. 
"A puppy is easy to handle if you have two people helping." She persuaded, but Izaya wouldn't fall for her tricks. It took him a good two years to get used to those tricks of hers. It's how she got her way; she would pout innocently and make you feel a tinge of guilt. Then, the more innocent she looked the bigger that speck of guilt built up. 

"Their yappy and annoying." He said. "We're not getting a puppy."
[Name] huffed. "And you wanted a baby." She said, looking away. 
"Well, a baby and a puppy are different." He stated. "Puppies are not human, so they are merely ants to me."
"B-but puppies are way easier than babies!" 

"Well, if you want something like a puppy then have baby." He stated simply, shrugging. It wasn't that hard, really. All he had to do is throw that box of protection in the trash and they'd be all set. 
"I'm only 22, Izaya. I'm not ready." She said.
He chuckled, "Then there's no way you're ready for a puppy, either. We can get a puppy after we have a child." 

"Why do you want a baby so bad?" She asked. To be honest, he never really knew why. Izaya simply concluded it was the tinge of jealousy he had when he saw Shizou playing with his baby girl. Yeah, that's it. 

"I just want one." Was all he said. She groaned. 
"Fine. We'll have a baby, but you have to promise the puppy." [Name] replied. He snapped his gaze down to her.

His hands found their way to her shorts, already pushing them down. "Yeah, yeah. A child then a puppy. I promise." 
I knew I would write one of these eventually.

o - o

It's 12 AM, and here I am writing about Izaya Orihara T_T . God, what's wrong with me?
I think he's a little OOC in this, dontcha thing? I dunno. Just my opinion :I

Izaya Orihara does not belong to me
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Jolene22 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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